Boku dake ga Inai Machi 06

Believing in people can be your strong point, or your biggest weakness.

So it turns out the manager wasn’t all that bad. He even let Satoru escape out the back in exchange for taking all the credit (ok, he’s not that much improved). And Satoru has another friend from the past on his side, Sawada, a former TV reporter and friend of Satoru’s mother. It seems he was even in contact with her the day before her murder.

The story that the police are telling about Shiratori Yuuki and his escapades on the night of Hinazuki Kayo’s murder is kind of over the top. How would they ever have come to that conclusion? Even with the footprints of his boots, Kayo’s mother (and her boyfriend) still beat her senseless and left her outside! They should be held at least partially accountable. Shiratori may have been their easiest lead, but it’s rarely the easiest solution that’s correct. We can easily extrapolate his innocence now, especially after the news that Satoru’s mom had found the real killer, and was silenced for it. The report from Sawada is also poised to shed some light on possible suspects. Are they on his list?

It’s so heartwarming to see Airi’s mom on her side. Her aunt and uncle were exceptionally creepy. It makes sense though, Air’s mom doesn’t want to make another mistake of disbelieving someone she loves, and possibly losing them.  That’s crazy that she would set herself up as a decoy to meet Satoru though!

The walk through the park really captured the thematic material of this show so clearly. “Is this how people thought of Yuuki?”

Satoru’s manga would be pretty cool – oh wait, it’s just a twist on the story of this show from his perspective. Is he really the grim reaper? Fortunately Airi is there to set him straight. It’s all subjective, when all the reaper cares about is the things that go wrong. Sometimes you just can’t fix everything. Things continue to get worse though – with Satoru being arrested. He gets a little bit of info from Airi before this happens. The shady character talking with the manager last episode? He’s a definite suspect, and apparently city counselor. That’s probably a position that has some pull with the police.

Satoru is definitely some sort of hero. He knew just what needed to be said to someone who desperately needed support, even when he was in such a bad situation. I really don’t believe this is the last time he’ll be seeing Airi.

So was that him there with the police? Mr. Red Eyes, the city counselor perhaps? We’ve actually gotten a few characters with dramatically red eyes depending on the situation. Earlier in this episode was Sawada, and previously we’ve seen Kayo’s mother with the same glint. The blue butterfly appears though, and I’d bet we’re heading back in time once more.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi - 06 - Planes-among-clouds
A picture of clouds and paper airplanes to brighten the mood!




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