Dragon Ball Super 30

Half of this episode was recap. I bet you can guess where this is go– hey Buu! As potentially a main character!? Deal.

Why did we need a recap episode!? Half of it was seriously just Goku and Vegeta telling Kuririn what had happened. This would be a great time for a swipe transition to 10 minutes later guys! Now, a recap episode of the two movie arcs might have been ok, considering this is the logical starting point for the series proper. This though was just kind of depressing. My memory isn’t that bad yet!

It was nice to see Mr. Satan (Hercule) again, even if just for a moment. His infatuation, or need, for Buu is just great. And Buu returned his feelings! “You can grant my wish any day.” So cute. Kuririn has really always been the average person’s view in to this world, and he still functions as such to this day. He’s got a day job, a nice family, and tells it like it is. He’s like the non-Mary Sue version of Gohan. And speaking of Gohan…

We actually got some fighting here! Unfortunately Gohan is still a little bitch, somehow. He’s a super Saiyan! He could get up to god powers if he tried a little harder! I can understand his family-man perspective, but come on, you’re the young hero. It was fun that they decided on Buu to be a member of the fighting team, but why Piccolo? He’s gotten stronger throughout his time with the Z fighters, but the Saiyans are gods now. Ok, sure, so is Piccolo kind of. He merged with his former other half who was Kami of Earth. There’s still no way he’s going to be able to keep up. Looking forward to the actual continuation of the story though. Looks like Bulma will have a big role again!

The room mate, J-san’s thoughts:

“Dear god, why is nothing happening!? Is this a repeat of last week? Just fast-forward it”

Next time on Dragon Ball Super: More Bulma! And who is this character!?


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