Dimension W 05

The epic conclusion of the two-part ghostly murder mystery! This dimensional and reality crossover stuff is serious business. Leave it up to the guy with the most experience and least belief to solve it!

This was such a great episode! Or was it? It had some amazing fight sequences from Kyouma, heartfelt thoughts on existence from our wonderful Mira (victim of chains and camera angles), and real character development for our antagonist/victim of the week. It was a bit of an overload in the pacing department. There were so many characters and so much happening to them that it got a little jumbled at times. At least Kyouma kicks some ass. Too bad he’s fighting non-corporeal beings that can somehow drown people in the ‘real’ world. That chef didn’t stand a chance.

Mira’s thoughts on existence in what could have been her final moments were strongly felt. If she’s reset, is she still herself? Or somebody new? It’s kind of along the same lines as the questions around teleportation and whether the teleported individual is the same person when they come out the other end, or just a copy. Definitely just a copy, right? That’s why I’m so glad Mira wasn’t shut off by our vampire-loli Elizabeth. And what does Kyouma do when he finally finds his missing lo- I mean piece of junk? He punches her! Damn right that hurt your freaking hand. She’s not to be triffled with.

Dimension W - 05-xx4
Damn right that’s unauthorized!

The flashback sequence to Shijuro Sakaki’s younger days, and the moments when existence split between the two worlds generated by his decisions, was quite effective. They were just working for a better world, and Big Hydro got in the way. It seems weird to think that a renewable resource group would be so against a newer renewable resource, but that’s money for you. They were probably poised to make a lot off of power generation – and for it to become instantly free and abundant? That’s a problem a lot of companies may be facing in the future. Prepare soon, money-grubbing assholes. But in the end, it came to Shijuro’s choice between his friends (the many) and his love (the few). We know how that’s logically supposed to go, but screw logic. The twist around that choice, and the fact that ghost Shijuro didn’t realize his love survived in the real timeline, is quite sad. He killed himself for making the wrong decision, because both choices were wrong in their own right.

And leave it to our heroes to explain the circumstances of the antagonist/victim’s life to clear everything up. Mira was so wonderfully dramatic in her reveal. Oddly enough, Shijuro and his love Enamori were together in both worlds all along. Old version had the white-haired Enamori, and the forever young version had the forever dead Enamori. He just didn’t realize it because we had to have this whole show. Very well put together two-parter in my opinion. What number is up next? Let’s hope we see more of Loser too! Or did we?

Next time on Dimension W: 

Dimension W - 05-End-card



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