Cloudy Reviews the Super Bowl?

Anime has had a long history of sports-based shows – featuring basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, boxing, kendo, martial arts, swimming, racing, track, and probably many more. Not as much love for American football.

Carolina 10  –  Denver  24

Check back here for more updates throughout the game – and after!

Pre-game musings:

I’ll be honest. I have no real feelings for football. It’s ok. Don’t hate it.

This year, in the greatest match up since last year, we have team I Don’t Know (Carolina Panthers) versus team Did Someone Tell Me Last Week (Denver Broncos)! Now don’t judge me too quickly here, in any direction. I can understand many of the reasons why football is still so popular in America. Just as I can understand the reasoning behind people still watching baseball, basketball, and many other ball-based sports. You’ve been stuck with it your entire life! I mean, it’s full of chance and excitement! I’ve never been a big football fan though. Baseball, very much so. Sure, football has awesome violence and insane plays, but it also has a clock that really seems to be only for show. I tend to just stick to focusing on pass-the-ball, catch-the-ball, run-with-ball. That makes me sound like a baseball fan doesn’t it.

I had to do more than a little thinking just to remember a show that featured a useful American football image in any way. Thanks Kill la Kill and your insane school club activities! It’s only fair though. Japan doesn’t have much love for the American pass-time (oh wait that’s baseball again). It’s really an impractical sport for most situations. You require a rather large gathering of people to play offense and defense, and a sometimes impractically large grass field. You’ve watched enough anime to know that every school track field in Japan is likely dirt-based. Even baseball diamonds tend to be primarily dirt for easy maintenance at that level. Will American football ever catch on as a prime anime sport genre? Weirder things have happened.

The Game




And it starts, with Lady Gaga’s rendition of the American national anthem. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on that regard. She really could have gone either way in terms of over-complexity or classic simplicity. Fortunately it was mostly the latter (sorry Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, and Christina Aguilara).

The Broncos are off to an early, slight, lead. I’ll be back after the game to give my thoughts – and quotes from the room mates.

Quotes from the room mates:

“You know this is going to come down to Peyton Manning throwing a stupid pick, right? Who do you hate more, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?” – J-san

TV: It’s almost time for the Pepsi Superbowl 50 Half-Time Show!
Us: “It’s only the beginning of the first quarter!”

Cloudy: “The commercials are better than the game anyway.”
J-san: “You shut your god-damned mouth. But you’re right.”

N-san: “Whaaat!?”
J-san: “Thank you fictional god!”

“Oh, oh that hurt. I gotta sit. Gotta sit for the rest of the game. I’m just gonna go throw up my pelvis in to this bucket over here.” J-san.

Wow, even I can figure out that Carolina is dropping the ball.

Post-game thoughts:

Well, the game happened. I think I fell asleep during some of it. The bronies won! And Coldplay was there with Beyonce and Bruno Mars? Not sure what positions they played.

Come on baseball season, I’m waiting for you.


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