HaruChika 05

Thirty-six seconds of logos. (Shout-out to Cinemasins for making me forever aware)

As this is my first post about this show, I’ll give a little background to start off. This isn’t just another school band club show with cute girls and music nerd references – I heard you Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 1 in D! Or at least that’s what it wants you to think. It’s got a twist! Or several twists, and perhaps even one every episode when it wants to get extra-Shamaylan. But the twist in question right off the bat is that both leads, Haruta and Chika, are in love with their teacher! Wait, what!? A male lead in love with a male teacher! Ya, I wasn’t that surprised either, because why should we be? It’s a fun little aside from the show’s main focus, and a new take on the standard anime love triangle tropes, I’ll give it that. But other than the possibility of the male lead being gay or bisexual, it’s pretty standard fair. Combine character of the week stories with mystery of the week stories, and you’ve got HaruChika. Damn does it ever look nice though?

To the episode review!


The character of the week is Akari Gotou – a spunky underclassmen that plays the trombone! And she’s come to find Haruta specifically for his apparently widely known talent of solving mysteries. What was the name of her junior high again? (Sakuragaoka is a popular name, and especially for music proficient schools!) Her mystery is introduced far more directly than we’ve experienced up to this point. As if we still needed a reason for a character to show up anymore, right? I quite liked this one though.

The tale that Akari was attempting to unravel was more complex and deeply emotional than she was ready for, that’s for sure. And damn if Haruta isn’t going to dive right in to it. He does attempt to show a little class by keeping his realizations of obvious historical alignment from the rest of the gang. Making the connections to the skies being dyed the colours of various chemical agents may have been a little far-fetched for a high school student – but not nearly as far-fetched as their insanely specific trivia knowledge about Chicago, paintings, and authors! Maren, that’s some trivial pursuit skill! I’m glad that their over-analyzing was at least purposeful (in that it was fake). It would have been just too convenient to come up with all that out of nowhere and it be correct.  Some touching moments lead to the end of the episode, as Akari conveniently overhears the entire truth from Haruta (who must have been focused out a window not to see her). It definitely sucked to realize that she hated her loving, if somewhat inappropriate, grandpa for years and he was suffering from PTSD! Good thing she got to turn that around before he dies… soon apparently. Well that’s sad. Anyway! What was in her little case that she wanted to show them next time – her junior-high diploma, or perhaps acceptance to their high school!? That, of course, is a given. They’ve established a cute underclassmen, they’re going to use her!

The more general aspects of this episode were quite good. Chika has been practicing the flute to the point where her tone is good enough to sound like a pro in a studio (because it is). This does give us the notion that time has been passing steadily. The trip to the zoo and the picnic offered some nice character interaction as well, and the misunderstood double-date scene was cute, awkward, and full of dramatic-irony that this show is just going to continue to milk.

Haruchika - 05_snapshot_14.30_[2016.02.05_23.02.33]
Oh you poor, naive soul.
Some observations:
Miyoko Narushima should be playing oboe for the New York Phil
– “I’ll sue you!”
– Alexander Graham Bell don’t care what these anime kids are up to.
– Akari should at least be gigging with her trombone skills.
– Dramatic irony!
– Perverted old guy cliche.
– Super serious turn on the PTSD there.

Well, that was a long post! It included the intro for the series as well, so expect the reviews to get less recap-y as the series progresses!


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