Dragon Ball Super 29

A show so absurd, so cheap, and so packed with useless filler – it just has to succeed! And as far as we know, it will run for infinity episodes, or at least until the singularity occurs and we just are the Dragon Balls. Is the plot of this show just filler for our lives?

I think this show deserves a slight introduction. There’s just so much history to it. I mean, how could you even be reading an anime blog post about Dragon Ball Super and not know at least something about its legacy? At the height of its North American popularity, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were on TV every day after school for kids to absorb – situated around Pokemon and Digimon as just another of those insane Japanese creations. The dragon balls are the ultimate “magnetic plot device”. Everybody wants them, because everyone wants their wishes fulfilled! I still remember the days of waiting for the next episode to start, wishing for it to finally deliver on the story, only to find out that the network had restarted it from the beginning because the number of episodes they had licensed ran out! Gah! But this is a whole new story. Anime original – a somewhat outlandish concept in the anime market, not to be based on a manga. And how is this new original story, a new generation, and continuation of one of the most beloved crazy shonen action shows of all time?

It sucks. So much. But at the same time, I’m not stopping. It’s so good.

Dragon Ball Super - 029-19
It even has Dragon Balls! After 29 episodes…

The episode reviews of this show will stay rather short after this post. How much really happens in each of these episodes to warrant extended discussion? Case in point below.

Episode 29 review!

So they’ve decided to have a tournament! This is clearly the beginning of the actual story of this series, following Battle of Gods and Revival of F-f-f-FRIEZA! Every one of these series needs a tournament! Despite the fact that half the main characters could destroy the universe with enough focus, and now we’re going to watch them fight even stronger people. The greatest parts of Dragon Ball Z were definitely the tournaments. The Cell Games were a great take on a bad-guy’s motivation, and the world martial arts championship at the time-skip before the Buu saga featured some of the best episodes of the series. It gave us Hercule (or Mr. Satan) and Videl! Gohan became a more relate-able hero to the generation of people still watching the show. And you know what? He still kind of is, sadly. He’s likely in his late-20’s to early-30’s, with a wife and kid, and absolutely useless in his current state. Will he even fight in the new tournament?

And not to overlook the primary plot device, the dragon balls are back in a BIG way! Probably a little too big there, guys. Compensating much? And you know who’s going to find them? Damn right it’s Bulma. She’s aged pretty damn well for not being an alien like most of the cast, and is just as exciting as ever. They really should have just made a Bulma spin-off. Wait, she has a sister!?

Thoughts from the room mate, J-san:

“For f***’s sake, get to the fighting already!”

Quick recap!
– Extended dialogue about universe rivalry – more dialogue – food! – when do we start!?
– Wow do they ever talk a lot about nothing.


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