Dimension W 04

This show has everything a Cowboy Bebop, Darker than Black, Psycho-Pass, cute robot-girl loving fan could want. A show with more MacGuffins than there were original pokemon, and only a 12-episode run!? There better be a lot more of the enchanting Mira beyond this season.

This show gets a lot of pictures. It’s just so beautiful. As for its introduction, this is turning in to a must-watch kind of show. In the near future, humans have tapped in to the still mostly unknown “w” dimension – an extra physical dimension according to the intro info dump. And it’s a cool concept, infinite energy at no cost. It would solve a lot of problems and possibly propel us towards the Star Trek universe ‘utopia’. But our main character, Kyouma, doesn’t care for the rise in technology. He’s fine with his flip-phone and what must be ridiculously expensive to maintain Toyota 2000GT. Fortunately for us, he gets paired with the most sophisticated piece of secret new technology possible – hello Mira Yurizaki! She has issues of her own. Not knowing what her ‘father’ died for being the biggest. And now the two must team up to track down illegal tech called “numbers” to push the plot along!

Episode 04 review!

The mystery of this week involves a ‘haunted’ hotel, ghosts, and Mira running around naked. How does that setup turn in to something so respectable in its story-telling achievements!? Mainly, I’m just glad the ghosts weren’t actually real, and that it seems to be some kind of side-effect of dimension W gone wrong. What I really want to know is how much physical influence these apparitions have over the dimensions our characters live in. It seems they can kill a man if they put their minds to it. Is Mira actually in that much trouble, or worse yet, actually in dimension W? Such a crazy cliffhanger on her plot line.

Kyouma’s role in this episode was much more muted and down to earth. He’s seen some strange things, but there’s always an explanation. His fight with total BFF Albert Schumann (not one of Robert and Clara’s, I assume) was a great moment of levity in a serious episode, and Mira’s reaction was priceless. We also got some other character introductions, relevant to the episode and hints at what will be coming down the line. The blonde, twin-tailed loli of the series also gets to be the character with the most hilariously Western name – Elizabeth Greenhough-Smith. It was nice to see Kyouma chill with Albert in the lounge as they discussed the details of the case. They’re going to be the best of frenemies.

Can’t wait for the next episode!

Did I forget some pictures up there? Yep, that’s right. The ones of slightly not safe for work variety!

Don’t look at me that way.



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