Boku dake ga Inai Machi 05

This show really built up those heartwarming moments in the previous episode to great effect. Satoru’s face says it all, as he sits in class assuming the fate of his friend. Did you ever know the feeling of wondering every day if your best friend would show up to school?

I did. Of course, they weren’t murdered or abducted. I don’t want to get too dark on you too fast!

But that’s exactly what this show is great at. It’s sudden shifts in mood, creating and breaking suspense like no other show this season. Time travel and murder mystery at an amazing pace – I’m not going to bother introducing this show, as you should just go watch it now. No questions.

Satoru quite understandably jumps to the worst conclusion when Kayo Hinazuki fails to show up for class after their combined birthday party. She even promised to see him the next day.  I’m still up in the air as to what actually transpired. We see a man’s footprints in the snow leading from the shed. Did Hinazuki get beaten again by her mother (or father) and thrown in the shed, only to be taken from it when most vulnerable by an onlooking stranger? Are her mother and father completely responsible? It’s clear that they’re in big trouble no matter what with this situation – and most importantly, we know that Satoru can change the past. The original suspect doesn’t seem to be involved in this timeline, favoring the parents as larger suspects than previously.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi - 05_snapshot_18
Punch it, Chewie.

Jump back to the future (yes) and we see that not all that much has changed. In the short term, Satoru is still a suspect in his mother’s murder. But he clearly changed aspects of the past, as the newspaper clearly points out. The dates changed, and as stated above, the blame might have shifted. What does that story actually say about the outcome!? More details please!

It is kind of refreshing to be back in the present, with characters that we seemed to let go several episodes ago. I do quite enjoy the cinematic aspect ratio of the past. Oh hello Airi Katagiri, we’ve missed you. I’m glad someone finally has a heart beyond the main character and his mom. But it is a little more than questionable that she is so quick to trust Satoru. Romance angle? Maybe. But we’re cheering so hard by now for him to be with Hinazuki as a kid, and for them to grow up together (or at least peacefully). If this show doesn’t go back and save her as many times as it takes (hello Steins:Gate!) I will lose hope in any ‘happy’ ending. He did change something! There must be a way to finish the job – but how in the world can he control his power, and get back to the past?

– Wait, is everyone going to die in this series at least once?


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